Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

Thoughts on younger Emalianenkos aggravated sexual assault

First of all, I’m saddened to see the younger Emalianenko fall so low. And my condolences go to the victim, I hope she will be okay someday. Nobody should ever fall victim to such a horrible crime. Stories like these break my heart (for the victim, not the offender).

And I hate to bring the discussion of self defense to this. It is morally wrong to try to sell your programs or systems by this kind of news. With that said, there is no system that guarantees your survival. ”Hey, training with us, she could have survived using our (insert your system here)”. Or ”you should have trained more”. That’s just fucking wrong. I’m not making such claims and I don’t make money with teaching. I just want to try make the world a better place to the best of my abilities.

I’ve said it many times that your potential attacker won’t probably be a professional or trained fighter and that still holds true. Of course there are exceptions, like this horrible incident.

So, should you now start training defending against an MMA-fighter etc.? What would the counter techniques be?

Now let me ask you couple of follow-up questions:

– Does his MMA background really make that much of a difference here?
– You think he used any MMA techniques for his horrible deed? A single leg and a control position?(No, I’m not laughing, that was not meant as a joke)
– Doesn’t his sheer size be something that makes defending against hard enough?
– Are the physical solutions really the key here?

What makes a difference is your will to fight. Avoidance if you can. Escape to gain safety. But what do we really know about the case? It’s easy to say that she should have listened to her intuition and not go there. Was it a choice she could make? Or she should have fought back with all that she has? Maybe she survived because of that or maybe she could have fought and survived without harm? We really don’t know. Even if we could read all the police reports we still don’t have a clue how it was really FELT at the moment.

So am I saying that the self defense -classes are useless?

No. I’m saying that every decent self defense program should take into account the physical, emotional and physiological sides of defending yourself. It should instill the survival instinct. And by that I don’t mean a push-up test. You should experience some pain and discomfort emotionally and psychologically. Not to say it should be hellish every time you train, but it’s always about the balance of ”safety and comfort” vs. ”as real as possible”.

And they really can’t guarantee anything even then. There is no magic pill.


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