Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

On knife attacks.

Interesting article considering edged weapons.

(Forget about the highlighted words like ’Palestinian’ and ’Israeli’ for this, you could very well replace any nationalities, cultures or races in any part of the world. The human body works pretty much the same.)

Very rare article indeed as it actually tells you what happened before the actual assault and from the victims point of view. This is something to consider while reading about real attacks In general. What happened before the assault is as important (even more important) than the attack itself. 

The defender had intuition telling him that there was something wrong with the person approaching him, even to the point where he asked what is she digging from the purse.

When the attack did occur he didn’t move forward. And I assume that a security person in the middle east is at least have had some training? I could be wrong about this. But that doesn’t change the fact that most of us, even ’trained’ individuals, will fall back when a sudden, violent, life-threatening attack happens. This attack wasn’t actually even a surprice attack (remember, the hunch for the person being nervous etc.?).

As always it’s easy to say these things from my comfortable sofa. And I’m not saying I have the solutions for these kind of attacks. The end result is what matters here.

But what I am challenging are the ways surprice attacks are trained today. Especially moving towards the attacker in a sudden violence.

Will you be able to do it yourself? I say test it.

Have someone attack you from a close distance with a training knife. That goes without saying. But give them freedom to do it with or without dialogue. Let them do the attack in middle of your instruction. Let them do it before, during or after the class. And let them do the actual attack full speed, full force and without consent (they won’t let you grab the arm or willingly submit to your technique unless you really do get it).


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