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WOD: NHB solo workout

NHB rounds, 3 min.Today I did a workout consisting of the following:

3 x 3 min. rounds, 3 stations for one minute. Standing punching, takedowns and ground n pound.

3 x 3 min. rounds footwork (only)

Check sample round here
Lighter than yesterday or the day before but still felt the workout in the calves…

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Today I did one of those workouts from Ross Enamaits Infinite Intensity book. It felt quite easy, but I wasn’t pushing myself to my limits either. You can kill yourself with any of those workouts.

So what I did was

  • four stations, 30 sec. each
  • one fairly rapid bodyweight movement per station
  • 5 times over
  • No Rest

It was supposed to last 10 minutes, but I ended up doing 15 min. I don’t know if I lost the count, had some trouble with the timer…

Oh, and today was the second day of trying out Leangains protocol. We’ll see how it goes…

WOD: Footwork

Todays workout was about footwork. I did couple of #Tabata #circuits without the weight vest first, just to get a good workout and some sweat on. Maybe I shouldn’t call them Tabatas as the re…

Source: WOD: Footwork

WOD: Footwork

Todays workout was about footwork.

I did couple of #Tabata #circuits without the weight vest first, just to get a good workout and some sweat on. Maybe I shouldn’t call them Tabatas as the real Tabatas are something else, but since everyone in the industry uses the name loosely, well…

I like the idea of combining some fighting drills into conditioning work. It prevents boredom to some degree and teaches you to work when you’re exhausted, fight through fatigue.

So the workout itself:

  • Tabata round, 15 sec of Burbees, 15 sec of shadow boxing, for 4  minutes
  • and another round after recovery
  • 3 x 3 minutes concentrated footwork (no punching)

A total of twenty minutes approx. with active recovery in between ”sets”.

I was also taught that you give credit where it belongs. So thank you Ross Enamait #rosstraining for these ideas.

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Wod: Swimming.


I hate swimming pools.

I hate the the chemicals and human waste on the pool. You know, piss, sweat and so forth. It kinda disgusts me nowadays. I also used to train competition swimming when I was a teenager so the ”counting of tiles” is just so fucking seen.

But open water swimming is another thing. Or like I call it ”real swimming”. Real water in real life. It’s also a challenge. It takes me about an hour to accomplish the trip. The lake I use is 2,2 kilometers.

So the workout is pretty simple. Just swim for an hour nonstop. This belongs to the #work category for it’s long duration. And unless you’re used to swimming for a long time it will feel like too much. And it might be true as well. You can do this in a swimming hall or pool… but I urge you to try real water. It’s kinda like comparing wall climbing indoors and climbing a real cliff. You may think they’re the same thing, but once you try the real thing the indoors variations will always feel inferior.


Workout of the day

This is just one of the many workouts I do. I sometimes do this couple of days in a row. It all depends about the available time that I happen to have that particular day. The workout itself takes time because of my current level of conditioning. Not on top of my game right now…

The workout itself belongs to #work category in my book, meaning that it’s a lot of work spread over longer period of time. Not a lot of maximum work but enough to make you exhausted.

There is something that I recommend before doing this: you need to build up to those 50 push-ups. You could modify this of course but that I will save for a future post.

50 Push-Ups
The Workout itself:




1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 (max for today)

Shadow Boxing 

(In between rounds, how much is up to you)

Todays total was 250 push-ups, 66 pullups and approx. 20 min. of bag work (yes, instead of shadow you can also hit something solid).

For as long as it takes. This is ”work”, so it takes the time it needs. No need to hurry it. If youre short on time this isn’t your workout. At least not for that particular day.

Elukkatehdas – New Beginning

I decided to start this page all over again. The Senshido stuff continues to have it’s own life elsewhere, so from now on this Elukkatehdas (Animal Factory) will be more tongue in cheek kind of fitness, fighting and interesting stuff kind of page.

And it’s mine.

I am serious person, so the tone might be serious from time to time, but that’s to be expected. This is a learning experience as well.

It even might get harsh at times, who knows.

But if you like fighting, f(a)tness and other cool stuff mildly related, hop in!elukkatehdas

PS: No, the man is not grabbing her hair… lol

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