Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

Elukkatehdas – New Beginning

I decided to start this page all over again. The Senshido stuff continues to have it’s own life elsewhere, so from now on this Elukkatehdas (Animal Factory) will be more tongue in cheek kind of fitness, fighting and interesting stuff kind of page.

And it’s mine.

I am serious person, so the tone might be serious from time to time, but that’s to be expected. This is a learning experience as well.

It even might get harsh at times, who knows.

But if you like fighting, f(a)tness and other cool stuff mildly related, hop in!elukkatehdas

PS: No, the man is not grabbing her hair… lol

#elukkatehdas #fitness #kill22 #pullups #pushups #fighting #brawling #milling #ghosting #knifefighting #stickfighting #urbancombatives #postscriptum #bodybuilding #strongman


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