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Workout of the day

This is just one of the many workouts I do. I sometimes do this couple of days in a row. It all depends about the available time that I happen to have that particular day. The workout itself takes time because of my current level of conditioning. Not on top of my game right now…

The workout itself belongs to #work category in my book, meaning that it’s a lot of work spread over longer period of time. Not a lot of maximum work but enough to make you exhausted.

There is something that I recommend before doing this: you need to build up to those 50 push-ups. You could modify this of course but that I will save for a future post.

50 Push-Ups
The Workout itself:




1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 (max for today)

Shadow Boxing 

(In between rounds, how much is up to you)

Todays total was 250 push-ups, 66 pullups and approx. 20 min. of bag work (yes, instead of shadow you can also hit something solid).

For as long as it takes. This is ”work”, so it takes the time it needs. No need to hurry it. If youre short on time this isn’t your workout. At least not for that particular day.


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