Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

Wod: Swimming.


I hate swimming pools.

I hate the the chemicals and human waste on the pool. You know, piss, sweat and so forth. It kinda disgusts me nowadays. I also used to train competition swimming when I was a teenager so the ”counting of tiles” is just so fucking seen.

But open water swimming is another thing. Or like I call it ”real swimming”. Real water in real life. It’s also a challenge. It takes me about an hour to accomplish the trip. The lake I use is 2,2 kilometers.

So the workout is pretty simple. Just swim for an hour nonstop. This belongs to the #work category for it’s long duration. And unless you’re used to swimming for a long time it will feel like too much. And it might be true as well. You can do this in a swimming hall or pool… but I urge you to try real water. It’s kinda like comparing wall climbing indoors and climbing a real cliff. You may think they’re the same thing, but once you try the real thing the indoors variations will always feel inferior.


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