Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

WOD: Footwork

Todays workout was about footwork.

I did couple of #Tabata #circuits without the weight vest first, just to get a good workout and some sweat on. Maybe I shouldn’t call them Tabatas as the real Tabatas are something else, but since everyone in the industry uses the name loosely, well…

I like the idea of combining some fighting drills into conditioning work. It prevents boredom to some degree and teaches you to work when you’re exhausted, fight through fatigue.

So the workout itself:

  • Tabata round, 15 sec of Burbees, 15 sec of shadow boxing, for 4  minutes
  • and another round after recovery
  • 3 x 3 minutes concentrated footwork (no punching)

A total of twenty minutes approx. with active recovery in between ”sets”.

I was also taught that you give credit where it belongs. So thank you Ross Enamait #rosstraining for these ideas.

#elukkatehdas #rossenamait #boxing #footwork #tabata #fighting #wod #fightingwod


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