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Testing the swimming hand finns

Tested these today. I swam the same distance in open water. Yesterday it took me about 11 min. to complete the route and today with the finns it took 7 and a half. So it was quicker and harder as the finns reguire more force and oxygen out of every stroke. It actually felt good. They also make you put more effort to it as you get more speed as well.

Recommended but not mandatory by any means. 

WOD(s): To Victory

I’m on a holiday now and seems to me that ”I don’t have time to train”. Of course we know this is bullshit, an excuse not to workout or a false promise to self. 

So if the time is really an issue… can you spare two minutes a day?

Last time I blog posted I threw in a picture of myself from ten years ago. The main difference back then and now is that I train very differently. I train in the gym mostly. But I used to do a lot of circuit style workouts, even twice a day. I also wrote that the morning workouts were light and fast. Main most important workout itself was this and I do it whenever I seem to be short of time.

The To-Victory workout:

– Pick a fast paced movement (bodyweight squat, pushup, BJJ get-up, clean and press etc.)

– Perform it continuously for two minutes. 

That’s it. The name comes from Tyler Bates’s theme song from the movie 300 ”To Victory”. I do this workout to the music. I used to be a huge fan of the movie. If you can, do these short workouts for up to three times a day.

WOD: Tabata


The photo isn’t from current condition. This is from the time that I came across website. It’s not free nowadays anymore but it used to be free of charge. Of course, as the saying goes as well, if you’re good at something never do it for free.

But results at that time were amazing. I actually ate anything I wanted and still lost the pounds. I trained twice a day, but the morning workout was light and short (but fast).

It inspired me today to do a similar workout. I usually use a bag instead of small weights but this felt good none the less.


  • bodyweight squats
  • fast uppercuts with 1kg weights
  • bodyweight squats (yes, again)
  • push-ups

The push-ups were humbling to say the least. Only three or four in the last sets. The workout took about 20 minutes plus the hour of sweating afterwards.