Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

WOD(s): To Victory

I’m on a holiday now and seems to me that ”I don’t have time to train”. Of course we know this is bullshit, an excuse not to workout or a false promise to self. 

So if the time is really an issue… can you spare two minutes a day?

Last time I blog posted I threw in a picture of myself from ten years ago. The main difference back then and now is that I train very differently. I train in the gym mostly. But I used to do a lot of circuit style workouts, even twice a day. I also wrote that the morning workouts were light and fast. Main most important workout itself was this and I do it whenever I seem to be short of time.

The To-Victory workout:

– Pick a fast paced movement (bodyweight squat, pushup, BJJ get-up, clean and press etc.)

– Perform it continuously for two minutes. 

That’s it. The name comes from Tyler Bates’s theme song from the movie 300 ”To Victory”. I do this workout to the music. I used to be a huge fan of the movie. If you can, do these short workouts for up to three times a day.


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