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Wim Hof Method


I came across this from a friend of mine when I was searhing for a meditation style a while back. I was able to complete a full month of continuous meditation daily but have since dropped down a little. Now I incorporate it again to keep myself healthy  physically, mentally and spiritually (Body, mind and feelings).

Today I did only one round but it depends on the day. I’ve done as much as four rounds a day.

If you are interested check out this website:

The Wim Hof Method *Revealed* – How to Consciously Control Your Immune System

And here is a speed-up version of one of the times I’ve done this:

New Animal Factory prints!

So, every now and then I get questions if I still have those awesome Animal Factory shirts for sale. Well, here they are. Pick your own from the store:

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Fighting training

I’m going to keep this short for today, a very basic training session:

  • Hill sprinting, 6 x 100 meters
  • 10 minutes Split stretching
  • 20 On B.O.B, various punching
  • 3 x 3 min. foot work
  • 15 min. grappling dummy

The Freedom Cry Workout

Slept for less than five hours last night. Feeling little drunk. But I decided to give a go for a workout at the gym. I didn’t push myself to my limits but I would say it was a decent workout.

I have done similar workouts before and this is something I’m playing with. I thought I would give this a name although it will probably be something very different next time. The key idea is to do some sort of cardio in between exercises. 

The name is from the Assassins Creed series. This will give you some endurance and work capasity for enduring any kind of work or labour. You are only allowed to breath through your nose the entire time!

  • Concept2 for 1000m @10
  • Press 50kg x 2 for 5 min.
  • Concept2 for 1000m @9
  • Deadlift 70kg x 2 for 8 min.
  • Concept2 for 1000m @8
  • Jumping Chin-Ups for 5 min.
  • Concept2 for 1000m @7
  • Karl Gotch -Pull-Up x2 for 5 min
  • Concept3 for 1000m @6

This workout took about an hour to complete.

The iron doesn’t give a shit

The iron doesn’t give a shit.

I had a hard time getting myself to the gym. Have had this problem for couple of weeks, so busy at work the only time to work out was in the middle of the night. Last time was a total failure and the worst workout ever:

– ten minutes of cursing in the car and already driving away from the gym

– deciding to give it a fucking try

– fifteen minutes of cursing to myself for even tryin to workout

– lifted the bar a few times

– leaving the gym, cursing all the way home for such a fucked up day

So I guess I actually found out the worst workout I’ve ever had.

So the shadow of doubt from that workout was on my mind when I entered the gym last night. I REALLY didn’t feel like working out and it was very late already.

At first I was thinking that this is not going anywhere… but I just spend some time… and waited. I tried the barbell for a warmup. No. Still not feeling it. Then a thought entered my mind. Maybe I should try something new. Like the Louis Simmons walking with a weighted dip belt. I ended up doing that… and I think I love it. Rest of the workout was pretty basic but enough for a decent workout.

– Randy Couture Barbell complex (1 round)

– Walking with weighted dip belt (20-50kg) for twenty minutes

– Cable Pulldown 20/100, 30/100, 40/50, 50/20, 60/20, 70/10, 80/8 =308 reps

– Pressing the Leg Press 100

– Berbell complex again, two rounds

Ended up doing a good workout. I was feeling shitty from the last couple of days so the iron actually gave me the best therapy session just in the right moment. 

Because the iron doesn’t give a shit about your day. Or you. It’s that honest.