Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

Thoughts on Alan Watts.

I have been experimenting with this spiritual shit for the couple past years. I read the Peaceful Warrior and it kinda opened up all these religious practices, mainly Zen buddhism. I still see that life has only three rules:

  • Paradox: life is mystery. No need to figure it out.
  • Humour: don’t take anything seriously.
  • Change: nothing is permanent.

Now, I have also listened to Alan Watts. Here was a man that told the world that you should stop trying to improve yourself. Criticism on Watts is of course valid: the man did drink himself to death. But there is still truth what he said, wrote and asked. We can’t find a higher self through our own actions. When faced with situations hard enough we fall back to the ways we used to handle hardships.

The human self takes over.

So basically you should forget all the religious or spiritual practices because when the hardships come you fall back to your previous self. And unless you do not, it’s not because you have attained a higher version yourself. You either grew up as a person or it simply wasn’t that hard to begin with. 

And what about improving yourself? I’m off to do some pull-ups, push-ups, squats and situps 😊 Because I enjoy it.


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