Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

20 minute magic.

Your brain gets easily bored.
Especially during this time and age, when our cellphones, tablets and other devices provide distractions from our everyday lives. If we don’t have something to do for a minute or less, most of us will immediately pick up our phones and dive into Facebook or similar.

Cure for that is simple: check your phone for messages only couple of times a day. Morning, after work and maybe in the evening. Live a little, use less social media.

But of course this is understandable. Our brains are able to concentrate fully on something for only a short period of time before our minds start to wonder to something else. It’s natural, not necessarily ADHD. 

This is also something we can take advantage of as well. 

I personally do find times during the day (not everyday of course) when I have ten to twenty minutes for… something. Something I can accomplish? Maybe train a little?

So instead of worrying about getting a 90 minute training session a day I watch out for opportunities when I can train a little bit. The training session doesn’t need to be challenging either. Just some knife tricking is good. Or maybe some squat, pushups, pull-ups and burbees. Or perhaps some shadow boxing or fighting.

Those little training sessions that you make happen every now and then will have a bigger impact if you just keep doing them.

What, when, how many?

What you can do, every time you find yourself bored (for example) and as many you feel like.

Work it.


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