Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

4 minute magic!


Recently I’ve done some bodyweight challenges.

I was doing them before, but I got the flu and then my neck was busted again for couple of weeks, totaling almost a month away from training. So I needed to start with something light… again.

Last week I only did one decent training session which was the Deadlift and back workout. This week I started doing the bodyweight exercises. And here is the workout I did yesterday:

– Burbees x 25
– Pull-Ups 2-2-1
– Push-Ups 10-4-4
Tabata 1
– 20/10 Squat with front kick
Tabata 2
– 20/10 crunch with a cross collar choke / leg lifts
Combat Conditioning
– 3 min. Shadow boxing (Ghost)
– 3 min. grappling drills
– 3 min. gun ”playing”

– 100 x biceps
– 100 x triceps
Split Challenge ja Wim Hoffin’

So what’s with the four minute magic? It’s the Tabata of course. What I’m saying is that even one of those Tabata Intervals would have been sufficient to produce a training effect. You don’t need much more than that. If you put enough effort into those four minutes a day you are good to go.

So why did I do more? I like exercising. Do more if you can. But that four minute you are putting in? That is the minimum. And it might be all that you need.


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