Itsepuolustusta. Oikeasti.

Something left for improvement.


When you open your browser and insert the word ”motivation” to a search engine you will probably get a lot of ”work your ass off till you puke” -kind of memes and pictures.

I personally am all for training hard as much as you can. But there is a reason why your ”balls to the wall” approach isn’t bringing you results you want. It’s like revving your car without realizing that you only have the first gear on.

There is a time and place for giving 100% in training. All testing for example should be done with full speed, full force and no consent -mentality. But it should be done like once a month or two week period.

But for the most time it should be limited to less. This is for safety and longevity. And then there is also another reason.

Room for improvement

My brother-in-law brought this topic up during a conversation. He is a former national league hockey player and currently coaches a junior team in football. The new way of training young players is having them play 2-3 times per week and a maximum of one game for a week. The (stubborn) old Finnish way is forcing to get teams, regardless of sport, to train 5-6 times a week, even in junior teams. This is supposedly to get players to get as tough and good as they can get. And some of the parents are leaving the team because they think that their youngsters are not ”getting enough”.

But there is a downside to training young players for almost every day of the week. As they get older, there is no more room to switch to a higher gear. They’ve already hit their maximum training frequency. This ”almost every day” mentality is an illusion created by the media who showcase elite athletes at their training camps, where the training frequency is increased. But that is only a short period of time.

Yes, improved performance requires that you make training more demanding to grow better. But that is accomplished by training harder… or smarter… during that time period. And most of us have some other things in life that need to be taken care of. In other words, life. Training, no matter how important, is only part of it.

Train smart.


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